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Common Queries and Questions

No, we have taken the approach to first work with lawmakers to drive change by legislation. If they refuse, we are prepared to file what may become the largest Class Action Lawsuit in Texas History.
Too many Texans have been sued by Linebarger for egregious fines. Too Much money goes to the law firm. The toll fees are too high. Too many new toll roads are planned. Too many reasons not to act.
There are approximately 26 toll roads in Texas totaling over 500 miles of roads. There are about 30 Toll Road Projects currently planned for more than 300 additional miles of roads! They are always placed in congested areas to maximize revenue and profits to operators. They will continue to proliferate unless stopped now!
Yes, private citizens are indeed being sued by private for profit law firms at an alarming rate. The largest is Linebarger and they also pay the salary of the administrative judges that hear the cases. $20 in tolls can turn into $1,000 in fines. They are in business to make a profit and the state's poor Tolling system helps them.
We are strictly a volunteer grass-roots organization. We need help in many areas. You can help most simply by spreading the word and getting others to sign our petition at, you can opt-in to the lawsuit, contribute time to write articles and do online marketing. We can only win in numbers by organizing. Please contact us to help.
Our organization and several others including TURF - Texans United for Reform and Freedom and Toll Free Highways are working different avenues to drive reform at the State Level. Only our organization seeks to reclaim the fines paid to Linebarger because the state created a system that leaves citizens without recourse and also because they created the system that brings economic harm to citizens. This is unconstitutional.